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Possession Partner Executive Newsletter – May 2023

Hello and Welcome to Possession Partner’s Newsletter!

Since launching Possession Partner last year, we have achieved incredible success and growth, thanks to you, our valued clients, and our extremely dedicated, hardworking team! We are proud to share those achievements with you in this newsletter. 

Possession Partner was created to provide a full-service eviction management solution (EMS) for multifamily rental property owners and management companies through a proprietary, multi-function, online software system, and professional customer support and administrative staff that deliver visibility, efficient eviction case processing, and significant time savings.  

The integration, communication, automation, management, and business outsourcing features of the EMS enable these property owners and management companies and their local eviction counsel to secure possession of apartments from residents who have defaulted on their lease obligations for non-payment of rent, more efficiently and effectively, thereby minimizing rent losses and costs, and improving the profitability and value of your portfolio. 

Creating the first of its kind full-service EMS platform has been challenging and exciting! From partnering with several hundred of you, adding over 250,000 rental units to our services portfolio, going live in six states, including Maryland, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and California, and developing new technology that will guarantee our mutual success in the coming years, we are laser focused on providing unparalleled service to you and your eviction attorneys. 

Our Mission is to revolutionize the eviction management process for the multi-family industry, and everyone at Possession Partner is genuinely excited and thankful to have you with us on this journey! 

Client Success

The newly formed Client Success Team consisting of Account Executives and Account Managers have been busy reaching out to all of our clients, from Corporate level contacts to each individual Property Manager, introducing themselves along with being available to answer any questions or to assist in anyway.  The Possession Partner Client Success Team looks forward to continuing to build strong relationships with everyone we work with. 


The team has been reworking our internal platform. Shortly after going live with the new platform, we will begin work on our Legal Counsel platform. The first step is going to be gathering requirements and designing the platform. We invite you to offer suggestions by emailing us at  All suggestions are retained and put on our backlog for future prioritization and development. 

Case Management

Possession Partner went live in California on May 1st. Huge THANK YOU to the Development team for your continued work on this project. California is deemed our most profitable state; we are very excited to build our team and enhance processes as we gain additional knowledge of the process. As for our remaining five states (FL, GA, MD, TN and TX); we are still going strong; our goal is to complete case processing efficiently and timely to maintain the health and satisfaction of each and every client.  

Thank you very much for your continued support of Possession Partner. We are excited about all the great work that our teams are providing and will be providing a monthly Bulletin with updates.


Resident Advocate    |    Possession Partner    |    Resident PreCollect    |    Hunter Warfield 

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    I believe that I have been looking at things all wrong. I am beginning to recognize files as payments for employer affiliations as well identify identity theft resources.

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