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Kathy Karamitsos

sr. national sales executive

Kathy Karamitsos is a financial consultant specializing in the Multi-Family Property Management industry. Her services help manage process around, debt analysis, delinquency management, and risk exposure. Resident Interface delivers solutions to reduce delinquency, improve recovery, and minimize liability, ultimately providing significant boost to the bottom line.

She acts as a partner and consultant to property management companies. She identifies gaps in processes, delivering recommendations that accelerate and streamline recovery, impacting a property’s Net Operating Income (NOI). She assists in resolving tenant non-payment issues and increases receivables for multifamily housing portfolios. See how Resident Interface’s innovative technology and respectful approach maintains our customers’ integrity, while delivering recovery rates that exceeds all industry standards. Discover how to get the most out of your revenue recovery by scheduling a meeting with me today! 

Phone. (813) 283-4681

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