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HUNTER WARFIELD - Deathcare Services

Your industry-proven, efficient and effective third-party collector.

Hunter Warfield is a fully-licensed and accredited collections company that offers an innovative and effective debt collection solution for an internationally recognized corporation or a locally-owned funeral home. As a respected partner in the funeral industry, we understand the delicate balance between honoring families' emotional needs and managing practical considerations.

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The NFDA's Only Endorsed Collection Agency.

At Hunter Warfield, we have built a reputation for navigating difficult communications in a way that helps all parties win.  We proudly works with over 2,000 funeral homes throughout North America to recover assets with the kindness, compassion, and care these situations demand. Trust us to handle the difficult conversations – so you don’t have to.

Hunter Warfield Delivers:

You will have committed, service-specific teams assigned to communicate with all levels of your organization.

We’re integrated with most industry software platforms to assist with collections quickly and efficiently. No hassle. No worry.

Our extensive focus on compliance means our team of compliance professionals make sure we’re always up-to-date with industry regulations, ensuring that our clients are protected.

Our rigorously trained collectors and innovative technology delivers the highest recovery rate for your bottom line.

Contingent Fee Schedule

We accept delinquent accounts no older than 3 years from date of last payment or service (whichever is earlier) and totaling over $300. The below fee schedule is based upon the age of the debt when it’s sent to collections.

  • Less than 6 months:  25%
  • 6 months – 1 year:  30%
  • 1 year – 2 years:  35%
  • Over 2 years:  40%